Jamel Chafra

Jamel Chafra obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Bilkent University Department of Management (1996), and a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Tourism & Hotel Management from the same university (1994). He is actually serving as a Senior Lecturer at Bilkent University Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS) and Vocational School of Tourism & Hotel Services (VSTHS). Moreover,  Jamel Chafra is the Chair of the department of Tourism & Hotel Management (THM). In addition, he had worked for 1 year at an Airline Charter Company as an Assistant Financial Manager. Until so far, the courses that Jamel Chafra has taught at the faculty are (Courses preceded by THS are two-year degree courses, while those preceded with CTIS / THM are four-year degree courses):

Since 19.03.2018
e-mail: chafra@bilkent.edu.tr
v-mail: (312) 290 50 23
Fax: (312) 266 46 07

Bilkent University, Faculty of Applied Sciences (RA214),  06800. Bilkent / Ankara